Sometimes having time to travel or being able to travel can make getting to a counsellor all the more difficult, so I offer a comprehensive counselling service which includes both online and mobile counselling services.
 As a qualified online counsellor if you would prefer to have online counselling, I offer an online service, which runs hand in hand with the regular face to face counselling service.

And there are various therapies I can offer to support you. So if you have something on your mind, if you are feeling unhappy with life, or if you feel stuck and unable to move forward… there is a way forward that will work for you!

  • face to face counselling
  • relaxation therapy
  • online counselling, using skype or hangouts
  • options for email, webcam and chat for when you are unable to attend
  • mobile counselling for local clients who are otherwise unable to access therapy


Everybody needs a little professional help from time to time, so you don’t have to cope alone!




Anna Udine H.Dip.HE.Couns. M.B.A.C.P.

Qualified and Professional Counselling Therapist & Certified Online Counsellor. 



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