Online Therapy


Online counselling can help with a range of mental and emotional problems, this includes worry, anxiety and depression

Online counselling helps you to manage your feelings effectively and can help with a range of mental and emotional problems. So with a little support you can reduce your stress and anxiety and you’ll discover the tools you need to help make you feel more resilient. 

manage your feelings effectively

manage your feelings effectively

Counselling means talking to a qualified counsellor who will listen to you, and help you find ways to deal with emotional issues such as anxiety, stress and relationship worries.

Anyone may experience worry as a normal response to living but you may already have a diagnosis from a health-care provider if you have persistent anxiety and depression.

Working with a counsellor offers a space where you can explore ways of coping with your stress, depression and anxiety. You will learn to manage your feelings effectively and will find strategies that help. You may overcome or reduce your symptoms and improve how you feel.

Couples counselling helps you to deal with the conflict in your relationship. Finding better ways to communicate, and understanding how and why issues arise, will help in dealing with those issues.

As a result of therapy, many couples who were on the verge of a separation have remained together. Those couples are now looking forward to the future with hope.

We know that relationships are a lot more difficult and take a lot more energy than any of us like to admit. And there can be a whole host of communication issues arising from expectations of how things should be. Perhaps something has happened that has created confusion and upset. Maybe you feel you have grown distant from your partner.  You may feel conflicted, uncomfortable, unable to make yourselves understood or heard. Healthy communication has stopped!


be each-others anchor

Counselling gives couples some distance and some space in order to confront what their issues really are! Working towards better communication, connection and mutual respect – the process of therapy allows for growth and repair.