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Please take note of this update …

Coronavirus in the UK.

With the ongoing spread of the Covid19 virus I am pleased to say that I continue my service, providing you with both telephone and ONLINE counselling for the duration of the pandemic and beyond.

With no end in sight to the social distancing rule, you really don’t have to try and wait it out, until things get back to normal because nobody at this time knows when that will be. If you are struggling and need help, online counselling is by far, the best solution.

I have been working successfully in an ‘online’ capacity for around a decade, and although I know it can feel strange to change the way you participate in therapy – many people who have tried online counselling have been surprised by how ‘personal’ and ‘comfortable’ it can feel. 

Video Calls : I use Zoom and Skype for video calls and these are available free to download and use, for all pc’s,smartphones, laptops, android and apple. 

for more information about ‘how-to’ click the link below
It is necessary to establish some ground rules for online work, in order for your sessions not just to work, but to work well… 
  1. You will need a quiet place to talk, free from distractions. ​You will need to have your time dedicated to you session and still want confidentiality Connecting in a public space, a library for instance is not  going to work. Wearing of headphones will improve both confidentiality and the sound quality is better.
  2. It is important to have a good internet connection. Many people are used to using Skype or Hangouts for video chatting and will do so from unsecured connections, but to keep you secure in your online counselling session it is better if you make use of your home hub.
  3. In case of technical difficulties arising during the session, it is important to have an alternative plan.  Having a fixed alternative , whether that would be telephone or messaging, ensures your session continues and you are not left stranded.
Please see the online counselling page.

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