COVID19, the Coronavirus, UK.

With the current health risks regarding the spread of this virus in the UK, I am taking a stand to help the NHS at this time and, I have stopped ‘face to face’ sessions with all clients.

I am pleased to be able to provide you with a counselling service providing you with both telephone and ONLINE sessions for the duration and beyond.

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Online counselling

I have been working successfully in an ‘online’ capacity since 2013 when I qualified in ‘online therapy’ and which continues to run alongside my ‘face-to-face’ more traditional therapy.

No doubt it can feel strange to change the way you participate in therapy – but I am happy to give you your first ‘online session’ FREE, in order for you to have a better idea of whether you would like to continue.

I use Hangouts and this can be downloaded to all pc’s, laptops, smartphones and apple-phones.

It is necessary to establish some ground rules for online work, in order for your sessions to work well… 

  1. You will need a quiet place to talk, free from distractions. ​You will need to have your time dedicated to you session and still want confidentiality Connecting in a public space, a library for instance is not  going to work. Use headphones to improve both confidentiality and sound quality.
  2. You will need a high speed internet connection. Many are used to using Skype or Hangouts for video chatting, but online counselling requires you to use a secure platform from a home hub.
  3. In case of technical difficulties arising during the session, it is important to have an alternative plan.  Having a fixed alternative ensures your session continues and you and you are not left stranded.

If you would like to book an appointment please get in touch.